Completed projects

We present our recent work related to the implementation of projects:

Raiffeisen Regulations database

We created system for storing internal regulation documents.

Amplifon Public Homepage

We designed the company’s website for Swizz branch of Amplifon based on SharePoint.

The real estate contracts database

We prepared an application to storage contracts relating to the properties, based on SharePoint.

Public MAV website

We designed a public website for MAV, using RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques.

Calculation module

We developed route length calculations module for compamny dealing with logistics and transport.

Gödecke Logistik Mobile Application

We created mobile app to support work of delivery drivers in german logistics company Gödecke Logistik.

Mobila application Gödecke Logistik

We made a mobile application supporting the work of truck drivers for the German logistics company Gödecke Logistik.

Risk Management System

Risk Management System, which allows the company to prepare for the upcoming challenges resulting from the dynamic changes in the market.

Technical information

If you are interested in technical details of the completed projects, we encourage you to download (Portfolio SharpSoft.pdf). our portfolio (Portfolio SharpSoft.pdf).