Programming / Azure IoT

Azure IoT – Internet of Things

Azure IoT package provides comprehensive management of devices which operate on the basis of „Internet of things” technology. This process takes place within the largest, most efficient and safest Microsoft – Azure corporate cloud

Automatic data analysis

Due to the real-time monitoring module, Azure IoT technology is a chance to eliminate the problems with your devices and applications, before they even appear. Thus, you may prevent the risk of costly failure. Azure IoT platform may be seamlessly integrated with all types of operating systems, and it supports a variety of programming languages. Moreover, it is possible to connect it with Microsoft BI platform, CRM Dynamics, SharePoint, and others.

With Azure IoT package, you can finally prevent the prolonged failure of your corporate systems. Additionally, you will be able to expand your own software, as well as keep it up-to-date and maintain. All these actions may be taken from a level of a reliable cloud, which allows to connect an unlimited number of devices in order to analyse operational data.

Information is precious

Built-in capabilities of Azure IoT gives you the possibility to collect the data form previously unused sensors and turn them into useful information, which you would not obtain without implementing a complex and expensive IT system. Expanded algorithms and libraries allow you to create complex analyses and real-time visualisation of results. All of this thanks to the resources available in the cloud.

Data safety

Azute IoT allows to create individual configurations and credentials for each device. This ensures that data is transferred from the device to the cloud, and vice versa, in a safe manner. Additionally, you have the ability to give and take credentials, as far as each device, while preserving data integrity.