Programming / Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM

We implement and comprehensively manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. The solution will be optimally customized to the needs, and adjusted visually.

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software provides the company with a number of benefits due to streamlining of key business processes. Above all, its implementation ensures:

  • possibility of order automation,
  • streamlining and simplifying of customer relations,
  • better employees time management,
  • efficient reporting of tasks performed by the crew,
  • constant monitoring of sales processes,
  • more effective planning of marketing campaigns,
  • automatic analysis of sales performance,
  • improvement of relations with various contractors,
  • immediate delegation of responsibilities,
  • management of financial-accounting activities,
  • comprehensive conduct of purchasing platform,

Reporting applications

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software enables efficient reporting of various kinds of data: sales performance, purchasing statistics, as well as survey data. Therefore, applying this software is an invaluable Business Intelligence support for each and every company, regardless of industry, within which it operates.

Cloud software

Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications, which are implemented by us, do not require having your own server, as we provide you with the possibility of their current operation in the cloud mode. Thus, the software may be operated from a web browser level, which is a convenient and extremely efficient solution. Moreover, using CRM software is possible at any time and place - all you need is access to the Internet.

Associated services

Taking into account changing needs of our Customers, we provide the service of systematic extension of application with new modules. Additionally, we deal with maintenance and ongoing updates. At the same time, we make sure that collected data is safe by performing backups at regular intervals.