Programming / Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

BI is the process of transforming data into knowledge which can be used to increase company’s competitiveness. Business Intelligence provides system architecture, applications, and data bases, that enable analysis, providing critical information and knowledge.

Hybrid business analyses

BI gives you the possibility to combine local resources with data stored in the cloud. You do not have to worry about migrating your data. The system intelligently analyses the data without compromising their security.

Proven platforms for business analyses

Microsoft tools, such as applications and database servers, are usually compatible. This allows most BI processes to be automated. However, nothing obstructs the adaptation of procedures to individual needs.

Mobile business analyses

BI provides tools for creating and displaying reports on mobile devices. Due to that even if the report is displayed on a smaller screen it is still readable, clear and responsive, which means they look the same on devices of a completely different size. From now on, you can keep up-to-date reports on hand at home or on the go.

Main functionalities

  • modelling of flexible analytical models,
  • simple reporting,
  • identifying the causes of problems in the company,
  • automatization of processing and loading data from multiple sources,
  • preparing environment for the implementation of scalable data warehouse,
  • resource management and quick search tools,
  • streamlining collaboration and sharing data with other employees,
  • remote access to reports, manager screens on mobile devices,
  • possibility of using Azure solutions, ie Microsoft cloud.