About us

Why us?

  • We learn from the best – we operate in the international market, cooperating with clients from Holland, Switzerland and Germany. We successfully transfer our technical and organizational experience as well as working culture obtained through years of international cooperation, into Polish IT market.

  • We know everything about SharePoint platform – we are the team of experienced and certified (by Microsoft) programming experts, who are able to design, create and implement the most innovative IT solutions in our company.
  • We improve processes inside the company – our intranets allow simplifying and automating all management procedures within the company.
  • We follow the schedule – we know how important the time optimization is. Therefore, every project is accomplished according to strict schedule, with regular reports from various stages given on client's request.

What can you gain?

  • Improved communication – the communication between different departments in the company improves significantly, through the implementation of applications based on Share Point environment. This also helps uprating the work efficiency.
  • Work progress control – the intranets modules provide opportunity for tracking and reporting the results of the subordinates' work as well as help to coordinate consecutive tasks.
  • Documents circulation easier than even – our intranet applications effectively accelerate the circulation of all document types and minimize the risk of costly errors.
  • You gain competitiveness – entrusting us with the implementation of the innovative IT solutions, you become more competitive in the market. Customers are more likely to cooperate with entrepreneurs reaching the spirit of the time. Moreover, it is easier to acquire the best specialists in the market as well as keep the most talented employees.
  • Data security – we also carry out regular audits of security systems based on SharePoint technology. Therefore, you can be sure that no valuable and/or confidential data will get into unauthorised hands.

What we do?

  • Intranets design – before we implement the system for our clients, we thoroughly listen their needs in order to meet their real needs in terms of management of the company.
  • Programming Share Point Applications – our programmers are able to create applications in SharePoint from scratch, as well as on the basis of the existing solutions. We can also improve the already existing system, by implementing additional functionalities and help with the SharePoint environment migration.
  • SharePoint administration and maintenance – we are aware of the fact that proper operation of the SharePoint applications requires regular audits and maintenance. That is why we provide our clients with confidence that the installed system will feature the long-term reliability.
  • Creating the responsible service – we are aware of the latest standards in web design and therefore we mainly focus on transparency and functionality.