Administration / SharePoint Migration

SharePoint migration

Prior to the technical part of migration, we always consult business objectives and priorities of migration to demine the exact expectations of our client, e.g. what we should focus on during migration and what the final result should we achieve. When we are planning the working schedule, we also suggest solutions that are delivered with the latest version of the platform to take the full advantage of what SharePoint provides and what can help tackle business problems.

The scope of work

The scope of our activities performed by migration is inter alia:

  • Upgrading the used infrastructure to the latest version.
  • Changing the logical infrastructure of SharePoint within the new one.
  • Transferring data from SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online – we enable fast transfer of various types of corporate data such as documents, content, Applications, websites, public and network resources. All this without any interference with the existing competencies.
  • Migration of the data between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premise.
  • Audit, optimization and improvement of new functions held in applications in the process of migration.
  • Customizing SharePoint to organizational changes that occurred during the use of the platform.
  • Archiving documents before migration, which helps gaining an easy access to data at any time.
  • Assistance in setting goals, priorities and scope of the migration – we use our experience to intensify benefits achieved by our client.
  • Preparation of proposals and recommendations on the migration – with their implementation our clients are able to simplify and accelerate the successive migrations and significantly lower their costs.

The migration benefits

SharePoint migration to the latest version is a good opportunity to verify the number of policies, including:

  • Security policy
  • Documents storage policy
  • Data achieving policy
  • Backup and recovery environment policy

While the preparation for the migration, we create a detailed plan to choose the best migration path taking into account the aims and objectives of our client. We also recommend carrying our partial migration designed to identify potentially risky areas of the system and detailing a comprehensive migration plan. Thus, we are also to coordinate the operations carried out by progressive verification the correctness of the transmitted data components. Most importantly, our migration steps do not interfere with the work of SharePoint infrastructure users.


We are aware that your employees may initially have difficulty in adapting to newly updated intranet environment. So we will not leave you with this problem and we organize trainings including the use of the new system. We will do our best so that the management and communication of your company were smooth and efficient.