Administration / SharePoint Administration

SharePoint Administration

The implemented and configured SharePoint platform requires continuous adaptation and optimization of the tools provided to fully meet the expectations of the users in terms of functionality. From the technical side, it is recommended to manage the security access to information, backup and performance verification tools.

Range of services

  • Installation and configuration of the system – The effectiveness of the implemented system depends on the correct initial steps.
  • Installation of the latest version of the software – to make the system work properly for all users and be supported by the latest software it is necessary to introduce regular SharePoint updates. Therefore we take upon ourselves the responsibility to ensure our Client has the latest software version.
  • Collaboration with SharePoint platform administrator – we are aware that our client needs professional support for such innovative management methods. That is why we deal with administrators of the company, what also help us adapt the SharePoint system to current infrastructure and the Client's needs.
  • Access Management – our SharePoint platform is configured to meet the agreed Client's requirements related to the availability of the platform so that user has tools always ready to work.
  • Security management – within the administrative services we provide, we also deal with security configuration. Additionally we conduct regular audits which allow for fast risk respond.
  • Performing the replacement tests and safety backup – in cooperation with the client we prepare backup plans and restore scenario for the entire system, depending on priority. The plan allows for quick launch of the most critical parts and immediate return to work at the onset of any failure.
  • Key services management in terms of functioning of the company.
  • Content management – we help with fast publishing and organizing content located on SharePoint to be easily accessible for interested users.
  • Administration of the company documentation.
  • The implementation of mechanism to generate instant reports
  • Management of communication infrastructure within the company.
  • Equipping business with tools to monitor the employee’s activities.
  • The SharePoint platform performance control.
  • User support with daily activities associated with the use of SharePoint platform.

Why entrusting us?

We are able to carry out efficiently all the services in the range listed above, which is guaranteed by our many years of experience, proved by prestigious Microsoft certifications. We are also active on foreign markets and take part in specialized trainings, so we are up to date with the latest standards in the administration of SharePoint.