Information system service and maintenance

Upon completion of the IT system implementation, we need to ensure their smooth operation and data security. One should know that every IT system needs maintenance to ensure its smooth functioning.

The scope of our administrative services

  • Periodic maintenance of SharePoint systems and the cooperating software
  • SharePoint-based system migration to latest versions
  • Verification and utilization of the level of resources used by servers
  • Updating the information systems as well as applications to the latest version
  • Carrying out audits on functioning and performance of the IT systems, databases and tools
  • System and database backups
  • Instant service and diagnostics
  • Collaboration with the SharePoint system Administrator in terms of maintenance and optimization
  • Extending the implemented systems and applications with new components and functionality
  • The replacement testing in order to prevent costly failures
  • Helpdesk support allowing the ongoing support notifications of interface and any type of failure while functioning of the equipment, IT systems and applications
  • Consulting services in the field of maintenance and information systems