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SharePoint Branding

Does your company already have an implemented SharePoint system, but you are not completely happy with the look of you graphic interface? We can help you optimize your intranet graphic into selected elements of the brand ID.

Be aware of your image building

Visually elaborated SharePoint platform improves the company image among its employees what also enables building the brand strength while dealing with clients. For this to happen, the visual components of the system should also include colour that distinguishes the brand, logos, appropriate fonts as well as illustrations and keywords. After receiving this data form you, we begin the process of adaptation in the graphic interface of intranets.

How we do it?

We are able to modify and improve all aspects of SharePoint branding according to guidelines provided by the client and our experience based on previously accomplished projects. Above all we try to design the graphic of intranets so that it is transparent and functional, with adjustment to mobile devices.

Cooperation with the Employer

We are aware that the final shape of the SharePoint platform interface requires taking into account any suggestions from our client, which is why we present drafts at every stage of the project to our client and systematically implement fixes reported. We are open for any comments and constructive criticism. Only such an approach is a guarantee to gain satisfaction with the final results of our work.


Professionally designed visual layer in SharePoint leads into numerous but measurable benefits. First of all it allows all platform users to identify the core values of the company, enhancing the commitment and loyalty to the employer. In fact, the modified graphical user interface can also significantly increase the functionality of the entire system, making easier to navigate it and use all functions it provides