Programming / Mobile devices applications

Mobile devices applications

Recent statistics show that almost 40% of the population over the world regularly use mobile devices. To make full use of their potential both in everyday life and functioning in the company, one should purchase a dedicated application. Our company can also improve as well as create from scratch dedicated software for mobile devices running Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

The scope of our services

  • Software integration with Google services – we improve application performance by using well-known and reliable applications used by Google
  • Maps and location – we implement systems that support planning a route and the real-time travel progress tracking
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram) – we will connect your application with the most popular social networks in order to share information with your friends easily and quickly
  • Notifications and reminders – we will improve your organization with alerts about upcoming events
  • Implementation of the applications on the Google Play store – advertise and distribute you applications on the largest application market for Android
  • Software update – we will update your applications up to the latest version of Android in order to increase its efficiency and safety
  • Integrating applications with complex IT systems – we will integrate mobile applications with large corporate systems operating in Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET or Silverlight
  • Software integration with SharePoint – we will integrate mobile applications with SharePoint system for information exchange within the company
  • Software quality assurance – we integrate applications with the test modules in order to track the user's experience and behaviour to improve the interface and functionality of the applications in accordance with the users' needs
  • Applications enrichments with audio-visual elements – we will equip the software with attractive graphics, user interface animations as well as audio and video multimedia
  • Use of device capabilities – our applications use the device capabilities such as camera, voice recorder, an accelerometer or fingerprint reader
  • Interface programming – we create from scratch our own interface components taking into account the non-standard ideas of our clients

Full synchronization with Google standards

When creating software suitable for mobile devices, we take into account all Google requirements and standards, especially in terms of safety. We meet all Responsive Web Design criteria, providing you with applications adapting to any size of devices such as tablets and/or smartphones. We also take into account the Google guidelines in Material Design, when programming what is a guarantee to meet the criteria of elegance and simplicity of the design.