Programowanie / Microsoft Azure

System Microsoft Azure – convenience and savings for your company

We develop scalable solutions based on modern cloud technologies. By using Azure it is possible to develop scalable solution - universal and reliable IT solution. Microsoft Azure is a modern solution which guarantees the improvement and acceleration of business processes requiring IT support. This platform allows you to integrate multiple services by using highly reliable Microsoft cloud. Thus, you can freely develop and use ready-made applications - without the need of installing them on your own servers.

High flexibility

Azure System is a global network of uninterrupted access to data, applications and its services in the cloud. Azure system allows the operation and development of infrastructure within various types of operating systems (eg. Windows and Linux), programming languages (C#, C++, Java etc.), as well as platforms of database management, such as Oracle or MS SQL. As far as the functionalities of Azure system are concerned, it also includes the support of Sharepoint as well as CMS and CXM applications.

Global access and simplicity

Azure software, as a service, provides a simultaneous access to IT resources for customers around the globe. All you need to have to run this application is an Internet connection and Internet browser. Thus, there is no need to purchase software, install it on your own servers, as well as perform configurations, updates or ongoing maintenance. Then, after choosing the service, you may only enjoy many opportunities of the selected application.

Pay as you use

As the fee for using Azure system is calculated on the basis of the used resources, it gives your company extra savings. In this case, minutes counting is being applied. Therefore, you may freely optimize costs, taking into account the actual needs of your company. Microsoft will also ensure that all data is protected from damage and that standards of confidentiality are applied. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any interference in applications operation due to servers overload.